About me

I’m Munga

I was built as a result of passion and patience and am the product of hard work, local materials, a touch of love, and a pinch of persistence. I proudly call Taghazout, Morocco my home and I look forward to showing you its expansive beaches, renown waves, sun kissed mountains, and distinctive Berber culture that has thrived over the centuries.

I consist of 15 uniquely designed rooms that provide guests with the perfect space to relax, enjoy, and explore the village of Taghazout and its beautiful surroundings. Each room is tastefully decorated using art and furnishings that incorporate locally sourced materials. Guests will notice a very common theme throughout the entire hotel: wood is everywhere. Morocco has a scarcity of forests, yet trees continue to play a vital role in the Berber tradition. In the form of art, pillars, doors, tables, and bed posts, salvaged wood continues to have a purpose at Munga.

I invite my guests to take advantage of our sunny weather and enjoy my numerous terraces, library, tea rooms, and open spaces. I am centrally located and am a stone’s throw from the beach, the town square, and several restaurants and cafes. Come escape the heat and enjoy a chilled beverage on our rooftop, lounge pool.

My purpose is simple: to provide my guests with an authentic, comfortable experience that will leave you refreshed and revived. Welcome to Munga Guesthouse, a Moroccan design hotel.


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