La Cave
La Cave is a Restaurant it's located in Mungas underground reception area. It proposes Moroccan Cuisine at its finest. Delicious, all home made from scratch policy!!!! In Morocco traditionally women spend a great amount of time preparing amazingly complex dishes for their loved ones. If you happen to drop by at lunch or dinner time at anyones home, you will automatically be invited to join the round table and break bread with the family. Most dishes are cooked in a Tagine. Tagine is the traditional Moroccan pottery plate with a big triangular top. It is placed on hot coals to cook very slowly which lets all the different ingredients melt together, and gives the food a particularly delicious taste. La Cave will transport you into a Moroccan families fine dining experience, in a magical surrounding.

Opening hours
Reserve in advance.
If you aren't staying at Munga Guesthouse and want to experience the beautiful view and fine dining, please call.

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